We are iGEM Stockholm

We are a group of energetic, passionate and open minded people who want to be part of the scientific future. Our aim is to make science fun, push it to its limits and make something good with biology. We are 15 members from Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and other universities in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a diverse team consisting of 7 women and 8 men, who together encompass 9 different nationalities and 10 different fields of study. We believe that we will all learn from each other by embracing iGEM’s philosophy of Get, Give & Share. Sweden is known for its democratic design, why not make democratic biology?

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What is iGEM?

iGEM is a worldwide competition in the field of synthetic biology, initiated at MIT – Boston. iGEM stands for “International Genetically Engineered Machine”. It is a competition that aims to promote this field of biology and make it easier for anyone to be part of the future of living organisms. More than 5 000 students from all over the world strive towards a common goal - to put a research project from theory into practice. A project which aims to solve a worldwide issue.

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We need your support

Building science from the scratch as a self organized student team requires a lot of support. To be able to compete, we need funding for not just materials and supplies in the lab, but also for the registration fee and "fika" at our weekly meetings.

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