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Start with a team, investigate a problem, use science to come up with a solution, end up with a project. This is our journey in the exciting and bleeding edge field of synthetic biology.

What is iGEM?

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The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is the world's biggest synthetic biology competition originally hosted at MIT in Boston, USA. More than 40 countries have been represented by over 300 teams, showing the growing popularity of iGEM. In 2015, the Stockholm team was founded. From then on, iGEM Stockholm has a stunning track record of three gold medals and numerous awards. Our journey will start in Stockholm where we will be working on our research project as well as spreading the word of how synthetic biology can impact the world. Finally, we will be travelling to Boston in October to present our project in front of a big scientific community.

Our Team

We are an organization of talented and passionate students coming from 11 international backgrounds and 3 different universities. With this diversity, we work together in order to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems by using synthetic biology. Moreover, we aim to connect this promising field with society, sparking people’s interest in science.

Our amazing iGEM Stockholm 2018 team


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Water is a vital natural resource, indispensable for the preservation of life on Earth. Over the last decades, however, it has suffered an alarming rate of deterioration, mainly as a result of human industrial activity. One of the most impactful polluters of water resources are pharmaceutically active substances such as antibiotics.

We want to tackle this issue by producing an antibiotic inactivating enzyme. Enzymatic treatment for water bioremediation has shown to be a promising approach due to its efficacy and reduced energy need. Thus, we propose the use of laccases, a family of oxidoreductases oxidizing a wide range of aromatic compounds.

One of the unique aspects of our project is the implementation of rational enzyme design. We are making sure that our recombinant enzyme folds properly even after adding the extensive α-factor sequence and His-tag, by using molecular dynamics simulations (MD). Our final outcome will be an improved enzyme that will have less promiscuity and higher specificity for its substrate.


We'd be more than happy to talk to you, whether you are are looking to collaborate with us or just wanting to chat about synthetic biology! Email us at info [at] igem.se