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About iGEM

What is iGEM?

iGEM, standing for International Genetically Engineered Machine, is the largest synthetic biology competition in the world where multidisciplinary teams are working on designing techniques and building biological devices that will bring novel solutions to everyday issues facing the world. By working on the projects, teams are contributing to an open registry of standard biological parts and the whole competition is stimulating synthetic biology research and entrepreneurship in biotechnology. Teams are also encouraged to collaborate with leaders in the industry and with each other, for the exchange of knowledge and skills. By virtue of marketing and human practices, students are motivated to bring synthetic biology outside the lab by interacting with stakeholders, local communities, schools and many more.

Learn more about iGEM on the official iGEM webpage of the competition.

iGEM Stockholm

What is iGEM Stockholm?

The iGEM Stockholm team is driven entirely by the team as an extracurricular project and participating students can come from any university in Stockholm. This year, the Stockholm team consists of 18 ambitious students from all over the world, all studying their bachelor's or master’s degree at KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet or Stockholm School of Economics. Our team is highly diverse and multidisciplinary, with people coming from different fields ranging from biotechnology to economics and to computer sciences.

Current project

What is iGEM Stockholm doing in 2022?

The iGEM Stockholm 2022 team is working on finding a solution to an autoimmune condition called Pernicious Anemia. People suffering from this condition have difficulties absorbing vitamin B12 due to the production of autoantibodies. It can also become serious if left untreated and cause a range of medical issues. Current treatment for pernicious anemia includes delivery of high doses of vitamin B12. Patients are supposed to take injections daily or weekly. With the help of synthetic biology and protein engineering techniques, we are trying to develop a new therapeutic model for treatment, thereby tackling this problem and making life easier for all the patients.

Learn more about this year's project: Soon available

Previous teams

What has been done by iGEM Stockholm so far?

iGEM Stockholm is taking part to the competition since 2015. Bellow you will find a link for every projects conducted so far by our previous teams.

Visit their wikipages by clicking on the year.

Year Project Medal Prizes
2020 S-POP: A modular biosensor for the detection of POPs in water Gold - Nominated for Best Entrepreneurship
- Nominated for Best Sustainability
2019 Esther Gold - Nominated for Best Software
- Nominated for Best Entrepreneurship
2018 Biotic Blue Gold - Awarded Best Environmental Project
- Awarded Best Integrated Human Practices
- Nominated for Best Presentation
- Nominated for Best Education and Public Engagement
- Nominated for Best Entrepreneurship
- Nominated for Best Product Design
- Nominated for Best Model
2017 PROLUNG: A mucus degrading lung probiotic Gold - Nominated for Best Entrepreneurship
2016 SMITe Gold - Nominated for for Best Presentation
- Nominated for for Best Education
- Nominated for for Best Public Engagement
2015 ABBBA: Affibody-Based Bacterial Biomarker Assay Gold


What is SGEM?

SGEM stands for Stockholm Genetically Engineered Machines and is a non-profit association founded in 2015 to ensure the annual participation of a Stockholm team in the iGEM competition.

SGEM is an organization that supports the current iGEM team and recruits next years team.

SGEM association consists of previous and current members of iGEM Stockholm. The board of SGEM, which operates the association, is chosen democratically on the annual meeting of the association. The main purpose of SGEM is to support iGEM Stockholm teams and to provide a platform for the public and the members of SGEM to engage in synthetic biology. More specifically, this involves support in recruiting the new iGEM team to ensure a smooth transition from one year to another, being a legal entity to facilitate administrative and financial affairs, and to hand over knowledge in support of their iGEM journey.

Learn more about it on the official SGEM webpage.


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