About iGEM

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition is the world’s largest Synthetic Biology competition for students. It was firstly held in 2003 as a course at MIT in Boston, USA. From then on, it is continuously growing and on 2019 it hosted more than 6000 participants from 40+ countries all over the world. Since 2015, iGEM Stockholm participates at the competition each year. Our team has a stunning track record of three gold medals and numerous awards. In 2020 our journey starts in Stockholm where we will try to define our project from the scratch, design and perform our experiments as well as continuously spreading the word of how synthetic biology can impact society and also what society thinks about science. This year is an exceptional year for iGEM competition and we will attend a virtual conference held in October to present our project in front of the scientific community. Our project will be presented via recorded oral presentation and as a poster and will be judged by experts.

Our Project

Synthetic biology creates solutions using biology from an engineering point of view. iGEM goes beyond the lab, incorporating the social and environmental contexts.

Team Stockholm 2020 is working on Environmental pollution and especially in aquatic environments. We are all aware that environmental pollution is an issue that needs to be solved soon and we will try to contribute to it by applying Synthetic Biology. Aquatic pollution is known to be a big problem in Sweden since a lot of toxic chemicals which are found in the water may also enter the food chain. Our main idea is to combine genetic parts of different organisms in order to detect easily and fast specific chemicals by electricity production.

The Team

At the heart of the project are 12 ambitious students from 8 different nations. We are equipped with diverse scientific background knowledge. We combine our experiences, thoughts and ideas to make the most of our project and exploit our possibilities. Our great advantage is our multinationality and our different ways of thinking which when combined can create great ideas. The team was built in February and since then we have created a project from scratch, made valuable connections and developed several skills. Taking advantage of the different communication platforms we continue building our research project as well as our dynamic interplay with the society during the current pandemic. Together, we pursue the aim of finding sponsors to finance our research, promote our project and finally present our project as well as our human practice achievements at the iGEM Giant Jamboree.

Contact Us

Those interested in collaborating or contacting us are welcome to email us at info@igem.se or send us a message via social media!