Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius, 2-4 Aug

For the second year in the row, Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM team organizes an international programming contest of life sciences. This year BioHackathon participants were encouraged to create an app that could tackle the widespread issues of the following themes: biosafety and security of data, synthetic biology, lab efficiency, life sciences education.

Milda, Stella and Tobi left their comforts in Stockholm to represent us, together with Jonas who collaborated with the team remotely. We decided to focus on lab efficiency and during the 48-hours hackathon we developed a solution that turns the digital process of constructing dna sequences from boring to fun, while making room for sharing and learning. We call the project 🧱 Brick! To try it out visit the project page. To learn more about how it was made, and our other ideas, read our post on Medium.

Post hackathon hangout

Unfortunately we did not win but are very happy with what we managed to accomplish, something that we believe can make a difference for many - and which is functional to use now! We are also happy to have made some new friends and been given an opportunity to take a break from the lab and explore new perspectives - and a new city!

We are looking forward to future hackathons and software development challenges, and until then — congratulations to the winning teams:

You got us this round! :)