Lab on Wheels
Reaktorhallen, 13-15 May

Deep down in the nuclear reactor, more specifically in the control room, iGEM Stockholms team member Roudlotul Jannah together with the team hosted a “Lab on wheels”, an interactive workshop for visitors to try whilst enjoying the art.

The workshop consisted of extracting DNA from strawberries with everyday items you can find in your kitchen. For example, instead of a centrifudge a plasatic bag with manual crusching was used. When done, the visitors were allowed to keep their extracted DNA in an Eppendorftube to take home and show family and friends.

The idea of DNA is abstract for people in general, how it looks like and how we can see it. In the lab-on-wheels session, we gave them a chance to try out how it feels to isolate DNA and hold it in your hand. Using simple materials and tools that we can find in our house such as strawberries, dish soap, salt, rubbing alcohol, plastic bags, coffee filter and tooth picks. We also showed them some general lab equipment such as pipettes and microtubes so they could still feel the working-in-a-lab atmosphere. The strawberries were crushed inside a plastic bag together with a mixture of water, salt, and dish soap. The mixure was finally filtered through a coffee filter to retreave the DNA in the stawberry juice. The visitors could see their isolated DNA inside microtube after ethanol addition.

— Roudlotul Jannah