The Card Game

Synthetic biology and our team project regarding phages can be difficult to grasp so Roudlotul Jannah in our team decided to create a game to make the learning fun and collective! The instructions are simple, you need:

The instructor then hands out the cards with blue numbers to player 1, and the cards with pink numbers to player 2. Once all cards are handed out the Instructor begins asking questions related to the iGEM Stockholm team project. The players then attempt to answer by picking one card from their deck. There are several possible answers for each question. The Instructor will provide a score to the player who picks one of the possible answers, and the player with the highest score once call cards are played wins! The first best answer will not just get 1, but 2 points!

There is one card with a question mark, which can be used for providing a new idea or if the player simply does not know the answer and doesn't want to guess.